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Federal-provincial child care agreement

On November 15, 2021, the Alberta and federal governments announced an agreement to reduce child care fees by an average of 50% in early 2022 and to provide $10 per day fees, on average, by 2026. Learn more about this historic agreement.

Everyone qualifies for the affordability grant if you are a part of a licensed child care program or family day home agency. You do not need to apply for this!


Eligible lower- and middle-income families can apply for child care subsidies if they have a child enrolled in a:

  • licensed facility-based program (daycare, out-of-school care and preschool)
  • family day home program overseen by a licensed family day home agency

Learn about the maximum subsidy rates (PDF, 80 KB). These vary by program type and the age of child attending child care.

How to apply

CLICK HERE to access the Subsidy Application

Canada-Alberta Early Learning and Child Care plan is effective January 2022

  • You can apply for subsidy now if your children attend a licensed child care program and:
  • your gross family household income* is under $180,000 and your children are 0 months to Kindergarten age (enrolled in a part time Kindergarten program); or
  • your gross family household income* is under $90,000 and your children are Kindergarten age (enrolled in a full time Kindergarten program) to Grades 1 to 6.

Have a child in Kindergarten? The Government of Alberta worked hard to ensure that as many children as possible are included in our child care plan, and that includes children attending part time Kindergarten programs. We are continuing to make updates to our system to reflect part time care subsidy for children who are attending Kindergarten on a part time basis. We hope to have this completed by mid-February, so it may take a few weeks to receive a letter, if you have a kindergarten-aged child, informing you of the decision about your subsidy application. Please be assured that if you apply before the end of February and are approved for subsidy (based on your income), your savings will be retroactive to January 1 and will not be affected by the delay. Visit if you have any questions regarding the new child care plan.

Already have subsidy? You do not need to re-apply unless your subsidy is expiring.

* Gross family household income is Line 15000 minus Line 32000 minus Line 33099 minus Line 33199 on you and your co-applicant's 2020 Notice of Assessment.

Preschool Subsidy for Children attending Licensed Preschool

As preschools typically offer part-time programs that run 2 to 3 half-days per week, subsidy for children enrolled in preschool

remains at a flat rate of $125 per month for all families earning up to $180,000 per year.

As preschool programs are part-time, children are not required to meet minimum attendance hours

Out of School Care Subsidy for Children in Full Time Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6

The province remains committed to supporting school-aged children by continuing to provide a subsidy using the previous eligibility threshold of gross family income under $90,000.

  • Subsidy rates for school-aged children in Kindergarten and grades 1 to 6 are not changing. The rates for school-aged
  • children in facility-based centres and family day home agency programs are outlined in the table below.
  • For children in Kindergarten, the maximum subsidy rate is $644 per month (in a facility-based program) or $516 per month
  • (in a home-based program).
  • For children in grades 1 to 6, the maximum subsidy rate is $366 per month (in facility-based and home-based programs).
  • Families earning more than $50,000 but less than $90,000 per year will receive a partial subsidy.
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